'In Case of Humanity' paves the way for the darker path the upcoming album is taking. The raw feeling is preserved by staying away from computers during the whole recording and mixing process. 

A while ago we started our latest album project. We thought a limited frame work would be beneficial for the creative process so we desided to record everything to analog tape. The idea is that you as a listener will be able to listen to an album with music that has never passed a computer, which is quite rare in this time and age.

The artwork for the single is a small cutout of a bigger peice painted by our good friend David Connard.


Booking shows for spring and summer.

Want us to play? Book us at info@gracewillfall.com or via the contact page!


2019-09-21 Jönköping Sofiehof w/ Frontalkrock

2019-11-27 Kiel, Medusa w/ Saturday Superhero

2019-11-28 Weimar Gerberstrasse w/ M:40

2019-11-29 Berlin Köpi Koma-F w/ M:40

2019-11-30 Malmö Plan B w/ M:40, Bastard Grave, Iron Pike, Disavow

Previous shows: 

(Still not complete, please tell us if you remember any we missed)


2018-11-23 Jönköping Insikten w/ Fredag den 13:e, Genöme

2018-08-04 Vrigstad Sjööset w/ Solar, Beat City Tubeworks

2018-03-10 Skövde Freja w/ M:40, Kid Feral

2018-03-09 Jönköping Sofiehof w/ Myteri


2016-10-26 Neubrandenburg (DE) AJZ w/ Trophies

2016-10-27 Hof (DE) Lufkeller w/ Trophies

2016-10-28 Halle (DE) Reil 78 w/ Trophies

2016-10-29 Greifswald (DE) Klex w/ Trophies


2015-11-07 Jönköping (SWE) Sofiehof - Beat Meet

2015-06-07 Copenhagen Bumzen

2015-06-06 Neubrandenburg (DE) Punx Picnic w/ Gust, Slöa Knivar

2015-06-05 Dresden (DE) M16a w/ Crowns&Thieve, Antes

2015-06-04 Hamburg (DE) Rote Flora w/ Cave Raver, M.O.R.A.

2015-03-31 Jönköping (SWE) JKPGSXE w/ Red Apollo, God Mother


2014-06-28 Jönköping (SWE) Club Amplified w/ Seedna, Sinner Burn 

2014-06-08 Biel (CH) Schrott Bar

2014-06-07 Vienna (AU) EKH

2014-06-06 Hof (DE) Alter Bahnhof

2014-06-05 Weimar (DE) Gerberstrasse w/ Age Of Woe

2014-06-04 Flensburg (DE) Luftschlossfabrik

2014-04-25 Linköping (SWE) L'Orient w/ Melt Banana

2014-04-12 Jönköping (SWE) Hush Hush Club w/ Fjört, M:40, Old Kerry McKee

2014-03-29 Zlotow (PL) Genrator

2014-03-28 Greifswald (DE) Klex

2014-03-27 Malmö (SWE) Inkonst w/ Trophies


2013-11-29 Stockholm (SWE) Liffy's w/ Dobermann Cult, Låt Dom Hata Oss...

2013-09-27 Jönköping (SWE) Insikten

2013-08-17 Halver (DE) Midsummer Open Air w/ Heisskalt, City Light Theif...


2012-10-26 Lidköping (SWE) Strand w/ M:40, Counterblast

2012-10-27 Jönköping (SWE) Offside w/ M:40, Counterblast

2012-10-28 Karlskrona (SWE) Porslinan w/ M:40, Counterblast

2012-11-30 Göteborg (SWE) Härden w/ M:40, Counterblast

2012-12-01 Örebro (SWE) Stationen w/ M:40, Counterblast

2012-12-02 Norrköping (SWE) Kulturhuset w/ M:40, Counterblast


2011-05-25 Jönköping (SWE) Bongo Bar

2011-05-07 Berlin (DE) Sherer8

2011-05-06 Ansbach (DE) 13Eins w/ No Guts No Glory

2011-05-05 Saarbrücken (DE) Jazzkeller

2011-05-04 Geneva (CH) Tiki's Bar

2011-05-03 Saint Etienne (FR) L'Assommoir

2011-05-01 Wuppertal (DE) Charge Club

2011-04-30 Hof (DE) Grüne Haidt w/ Arcana Cain & Dead Beat Hero

2011-04-29 Neubrandenburg (DE) AJZ

2011-02-26 Alingsås (SWE) Fabriken

2011-02-25 Jönköping (SWE) Lingon Bar Release Party!


2010-11-21 Karlskrona (SWE) Porslinan

2010-11-20 Lidköping (SWE) Knock Out

2010-05-01 Örebro @ Bring The Noise w/ The Chariot, iwrestledabearonce


2009-08-16 Ansbach (GER) 13 Eins

2009-08-15 Halver (GER) Midsummer Open Air w/ An Early Cascade, Blonk...

2009-08-14 Hof (GER)

2009-06-06 Brighton  (UK) Cowley Blub

2009-06-05 Milton Keynes (UK) Underpass

2009-06-04 Edinburgh (UK) Henrys Cellar

2009-06-03 Glasgow (UK) Block +

2009-06-02 Leeds (UK) The Fenton

2009-06-01 Coventry (UK) The Golden Cross

2009-05-30 Lille (FRA) Le Select

2009-05-29 Hamburg (GER) Ballroom

2009-04-11 Bad Hersfeld (GER) Jugendhaus

2009-04-10 Switzerland  (SUI)

2009-04-09 Clermont Ferrand (FRA) Raymond's w/ No Guts No Glory

2009-04-08 Lyon  (FRA) Lyon's Hall w/ Orfevre, Swine Punch, Mauvaise

2009-04-07 Tours (FRA) Canadiane Cafe

2009-04-06 Saarbrücken  (GER) Jazzkeller

2009-04-05 Leeuwarden (NED) Mukkes w / Human Corrosion, Rush 'n Attack

2009-04-04 Marburg  (GER) Cafe Trauma w/ Dead Flesh Fashion, Never Back Down

2009-04-03 Rendsburg (GER) tba

2009-01-30 Örebro (SWE) Kulturhuset


2008-11-01 Remscheid (GER) Kultshockk w / Dead Flesh Fashion, Actress, Mindtrap

2008-10-31 Stuttgart (GER) Jugendhaus West w / Never Back Down

2008-10-30 Hof (GER) Alter Bahnhof w/ Arcana Cain

2008-10-29 Linz (AUT) Alte Welt w/ Menace & L.A.T. 

2008-10-28 Prague (CZ) Klub 007 Strahov w / CN Roundhouse Kick

2008-10-27 Leipzig (GER) Atari Club w / CN Roundhouse Kick

2008-10-26 Rendsburg (GER) T-Stube w/ Talk Radio Talk

2008-10-25 Berlin (GER) Magnet Club w / Talk Radio Talk

2008-10-24 Greifswald (GER) Klex w/ Talk Radio Talk

2008-08-23 Jönköping (SWE) @China w/ M:40 & Exhale

2008-08-22 Malmö(SWE) Utkanten w/ M:40 & Exhale

2008-08-21 Göteborg (SWE) 1200 Kvadrat w/ M:40 & Exhale

2008-08-20 Linköping (SWE) L'Orient w/ M:40 & Exhale

2008-08-18 Stockholm (SWE) Kafé 44 w/ M:40 & Exhale

2008-08-16 Gävle (SWE) Intakto w/ M:40 & Exhale

2008-08-15 Karlstad (SWE) Sicket Attans Röj w/ M:40 & Exhale

2008-06-28 Cesis (LY) Fonofest

2008-06-05 Hjo (SWE) Wettern Blowout!

2008-06-01 Örebro (SWE) Yeah! '08 lots of other bands!

2008-05-31 Halden (NOR) Rockehuset

2008-05-17 Bad Hersfeld (GER) Jugendhaus w/ Never Back Down

2008-05-16 Hof (GER) Grüne Haidt w/ Never Back Down

2008-05-15 Berlin (GER) Cassiopeia w/ Never Back Down

2008-05-14 Belchatow (PL) 7 Grzechow w/ Never Back Down

2008-05-13 Warzaw (PL) No Mercy Club w/ Never Back Down

2008-05-12 Torun (PL) Pilon w/ Never Back Down

2008-05-11 Jena (GER) Café Wagner w/ Never Back Down

2008-05-10 Bottrop (GER) Trappe w/ Never Back Down, Dead Flesh Fashion

2008-05-09 Verden (GER) JUZ w/ Never Back Down

2008-04-18 Karlstad (SWE) Uno

2008-04-12 Göteborg (SWE) Meeths

2008-04-09 Uppsala (SWE) GH Nation

2008-04-05 Vänersborg (SWE) Fairfest w/ Blindside, Neverstore & more

2008-03-25 Stockholm (SWE) Stampen

2008-03-15 Örebro (SWE) Kulturhuset

2008-02-25 Kiel (GER) Alte Meierei

2008-02-24 Bielefeld (GER) Ajz

2008-02-23 Berlin (GER) Subversive

2008-02-22 Malmö (SWE) Café Revolt

2008-02-17 Norrköping (SWE) Kulturhuset

2008-01-05 Karlskrona (SWE) Oden w/ Dead Flesh Fashion

2008-01-04 Göteborg (SWE) Underjorden w/ Dead Flash Fashion

2008-01-03 Jönköping (SWE) Stickan w/ Dead Flesh Fashion

2008-01-02 Lidköping (SWE) Folketshus w/ Dead Flesh Fashion


2007-09-29 Karlskrona (SWE) Oden Nagana, Warstruck

2007-09-08 Örebro (SWE) Kulturhuset w/ The Pricks, Moscow

2007-09-07 Huskvarna (SWE) Folket Park w/ Intohimo, Herbrightskies

2007-06-02 Remscheid (GER) Kultshockk w/ Dead flesh fasion, The anti doctrine & Machinemade God

2007-06-01 Pforzheim (GER) Haus der Jugend w/ Oppostition of one, Never back down & Through it all

2007-05-27 Ansbach (GER) 13eins w/ Never back down

2007-05-26 Darmstadt (GER) Villa oettinger w/ Opposition of one

2007-05-25 Emmendingen(GER) Schlosskeller w/ Desend to rise

2007-04-28 Huskvarna (SWE) Folkets park v/a

2007-04-21 Oslo (NO) Garage w/ Revolt

2007-02-06 Jönköping (SWE) Bongobar w/ Her bright skies & Exhale


2006-12-02 Hjo (SWE) Slaskrock w/ Once again...

2006-11-26 Karlskrona (SWE) Porslinan w/ Silence your will

2006-09-02 Jönköping (SWE) Insikten w/ M:40

2006-09-01 Lidköping (SWE) Gillestugan w/ M:40

2006-08-12 Odense (DK) Badstuen w/ M:40...

2006-07-29 Gränna (SWE) Grännaberget w/ Her bright skies...

2006-07-28 Örebro (SWE) Punchfest v/a

2006-06-26 Karlskrona (SWE) Kino v/a

2006-06-13 Osby (SWE) Mejdan blowout w/ Intohimo...

2006-05-13 Huskvarna (SWE) Folkets park w/ Blindside, Soapbox...

2006-05-06 Jönköping (SWE) Kulturhuset w/ USCB all stars...

2006-03-25 Halmstad (SWE) Rockstugan w/ M:40...

2006-02-04 Jönköping (SWE) Kulturhuset v/a


2005-11-04 Falköping (SWE) Betongfestivalen v/a

2005-10-21 Lidköping (SWE) Gillestugan w/ M:40

2005-10-14 Jönköping (SWE) Gårdsbandsfestivalen v/a

2005-08-26 Linköping (SWE) Skylten Oljudsfestivalen, v/a

2005-08-04 Nässjö (SWE) Pop i sommarnatt

2005-07-22 Köping (SWE) Kaktusfestivalen w/ Entombed, Skumdum...

2005-04-16 Jönköping (SWE) Ungdomens hus v/a

2005-03-15 Stockholm (SWE) Kafe 44 w/ Massgrav, Supergear...

2005-03-11 Linköping (SWE) Kupolen w/ Extol, Ineviteble end...

2005-02-05 Falköping (SWE) Lilla teatern w/ Gaphia...


2004-11-13 Solna (SWE) Floo v/a

2004-10-29 Falköping (SWE) Betongfestivalen w/ Skitsystem, Set my path...

2004-08-15 Örebro (SWE) Frizon w/ Dakkfoai

2004-07-29 Nässjö (SWE) Pop i sommarnatt

2004-05-21 Jönköping (SWE) Rådhusparken v/a

2004-04-17 Nässjö (SWE) Punk/hardcore festival v/a

2004-04-17 Vikingstad (SWE) v/a

2004-02-14 Jönköping (SWE) Kulturhuset w/ Promoe...

2004-01-12 Jönköping (SWE) Bongobar w/ Min pappa är starkare än kungen


2003-11-22 Linköping (SWE) Skylten v/a

2003-11-15 Lidköping (SWE) De la gardiegymnasiet w/ M:40

2003-07-28 Jönköping (SWE) Kulturhuset w/ Yaphet kotto...

2003-05-10 Huskvarna (SWE) Folkets park v/a

2003-01-22 Gislaved (SWE) Kulturhuset w/ Let it die


2002-12-21 Jönköping (SWE) Konserthuset Elmia v/a